It’s a bit like buying paint


So what does a ‘dad’ know about buying makeup?  Well quite a lot actually.  Us dads have been buying and applying paint to the interiors and exteriors of our homes since the dawn of time.  We can look at paint as a bit like makeup, and instead of walls we have your face.  Of course makeup is designed to go on your face unlike paint which is not, but I hope you get the similarity.  Now sit back and relax to a little lesson in paint, and you might learn a thing or two about makeup.

  1. Clean your walls – things stick best to clean surfaces, so clean the surface you’re planning to paint.  It will adhere to it better and last longer.  So a clean face is a good surface to work on.
  2. Don’t buy the cheapest paint – a good quality paint is easier to apply, it won’t run, it will flex with changing temperatures so avoids cracking or flaking and it will keep the colour longer.  Now I’m no expert as I’ve said, but if I was buying makeup like I buy my paint, I’d want these qualities and the cheapest stuff just doesn’t work.
  3. Good brushes – you need a good selection of brushes as it will make applying it much easier.  I have a big paint brush, a medium one and a couple of small ones for delicate intricate work.  So you need a minimum of three or four for different surfaces and areas.
  4. Apply in the right temperature – if it’s too cold your paint won’t dry properly and if it’s too warm your paint will dry too fast and crack.  If it’s very hot go to a cooler room and if it’s too cold then put a heater on to bring the room to a comfortable room temperature.
  5. Avoid moisture – a damp wall will make paint peel off the wall as it dries and crack.  So avoid applying your makeup in a damp environment such as a bathroom or it may crack or peel off your wall.  (Sorry your face). If you’ve just had a bath or shower then wait until your face has cooled to avoid perspiration.
  6. Day or night time – colors look different as rooms change with natural light from day and night.  You might love a dark deep color when it’s bright and sunny outside but come the evening the natural light has gone and colors flatten and look darker.  So a bit like painting a room, you should consider when and where you are going as to whether it’s going to be bright or dark.
  7. Protect yourselfour skin is a wonderful thing and you need to look after it.  When painting you need to use gloves and goggles.  So when applying makeup you should also use a degree of caution to avoid any allergic reactions.  Put some on your hand or arm first to test you’re not sensitive to a new product. And read the label.
  8. Buy what ‘you’ like – personally I wouldn’t paint my house purple or bright green but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with those colors.  It’s just not my choice.  Who knows, we might all be living in purple houses in 20 years time as the ‘new cream’.  I also wouldn’t knock on the door of a stranger living in a purple house and say, ‘I painted my house cream, you should paint your house cream’. That would be odd.  The point is, choose colours and shades that you like not what fashions dictate, because if nobody ever tried anything new we’d all be still painting in caves.
  9. Stick to your budget – if you can’t afford it don’t buy it.  Limit your budget to a certain amount a month and buy selective items that will last.  Don’t try and redecorate the whole house instead build up a stock of materials that you can use and decorate one room at a time.  Living room, tv room, kitchen… face, eyes, lips…
  10. Paint won’t make you happy – remember there is an essential beauty in the natural state.  Wood, brick, glass and plaster look fantastic as they are and you don’t have to paint over them. And every dad knows, your face also looks fantastic without the makeup.

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