Capes are not just for superman

So I discovered a new guilty pleasure.  It’s Spring so it is that time of year when it’s warm enough to walk around Casa Unfashionabledad without needing the heating on but it’s still a bit chilly for warm weather clothes.  So I was in the kitchen draped in a big warm snuggly fleece blanket and was imagining times when Romans and ancient people wore something similar to go about their daily lives.  (Ok not making a cappuccino-latte-mocca-chocca-chino ancape3d checking the iPhone but you get the picture)  And that’s when it dawned on me that we need to bring back cape wearing.  Or poncho.  Or just big fleecy blankets!  We need indoor ones and outdoor ones.  A quick bit of ‘research’ (google capes) and I soon discovered fashionistas have also had the same idea.  Burberry make a poncho which looks like it will make the grade with an unfashionabledad rating of ‘quite good’.  This is based on;  1) Does it look nice? 2) Could you drive the car in it? 3) Is it snuggly? 4) Could you walk down the road and not get arrested in it? (Vivienne Westwood often forgets to apply this last rule in my humble opinion.  See-through dress with no knickers… yikes)  There are a million small-scale designers online that sell them and Asos do an affordable selection for men (see insert) and women. Ok so people will ask if you’re red riding hood or superman, but it will only be due to their jealousy that you have embraced an ancient form of clothing they long to be bold enough to wear.

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