Little lady shoes

Our eldest little princess has a 5th birthday coming up and of course the ‘very’ long list of items includes the must have shoes of the day for any tiny tot who wants to be ‘on trend’ this season and that is the Lelli Kelly shoe.  As with anything fashionable they are expensive.  Not exactly Jimmy Choo expensive but I can’t help wondering if these are mere training shoes for the Jimmy Choo buyers of the future.  The comfy trendy cool shoes that move on to the ever more pricey and ground level opposing shoes of the modern woman.  So where am I going with this?  The point is I have no idea how she has developed a preference for the more expensive footwear of the retail world, which could be as a result of a number of things. #1 The Marketing Mind Monsters have secretly infiltrated schools and replaced the Hungry Catapillar and My Dog Spot with Vogue and Vanity Fair.  (Unlikely).  #2 The Moms have all got talking and agreed they’re the latest thing or read they’re the latest thing.  (Very likely) #3 The kids have got talking in the playground and agreed they’re the latest thing.  (Almost definitely).  Children of today are very aware of fashion trends at an early age and this is despite good intentioned,  babycino and croissant buying parents like us doing our best to limit exposure and fashion influence.  No  major insight there I know but how is it that happens?  How do they go from trying to eat the remote control to telling you ‘Those shoes are ugly I’m not wearing those’?  I can only conclude that there is in fact a fashion gene.  A chromosome that has developed over the centuries to cause our children to  know what is cool and what is not.  (Of course anything in my wardrobe falls in the latter category according to some).   It is a possible development of our evolution.  I have witnessed first hand the dawn of the touch screen generation.  Our offspring who can ‘swipe right’ on a phone before they can talk and assume when you poke the screen something will happen.  (‘It’s a laptop NOT an iPad!!) So like it or not our children will evolve and move on from what we know and love today to being ‘cheesy and last century’ tomorrow.  How much we allow this to influence them is hopefully about developing the mind and of coure limiting the credit card.

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