So it’s that time of year again when all dads across the northern hemisphere have to brace the cold and the winds of the school run and for the cold heads put on a hat.  Let’s face it, hats don’t look good on most people.  Especially if someone (under the age of 10) buys you an amusing hat to do the school run in.  In my case I have what has become known as ‘dad’s monkey hat’.  An ‘on trend’  Paul Frank styled hat I might add, but a monkey hat all the same.  When it’s on your head you kind of forget about it because when it’s wet and cold and you’re in a rush you forget the chuckles and the pointing and the ‘nice one’ comments from the other dads and the ‘awww did someone buy dad a hat?’ comments from the mums.   It is only when you glance at a mirror in a school hallway or when returning home that you realise what all the fuss was about.  You look a bit of a plonker.  But then you realise that perfect strangers have smiled at you in the street.  Your children are happy if not, proud, for the fact you wore it.  People smiled.  You made someone’s day.  So isn’t fashion all about being happy, feeling happy or brightening the day?  So maybe wearing a monkey hat is the biggest fashion statement you can make. You’re telling the world “I’m me, here I am!  Smile!”

Wear a monkey hat.  (Or something similarly effective)

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