On a recent family holiday to Portugal the difficult question of shorts raised it’s head.  ‘What does an unfashionable dad wear in the warm weather this year?’  Of course it’s easy to dig out your shorts from last year, but you then realise ‘last year’ was in fact about five years ago and your shorts are not only out of fashion, they are in serious danger of getting back into fashion they’re so old.  Hence a fashion show then ensued with the Mrs (and the kids) deciding which of my shorts were acceptable to go on holiday with us. 

Dark blue above the knee with turnups – pass

Long grey camouflage – fail ‘no really why have you still got those? – ‘the wife’

Beige thin cotton below the knee – pass

Blue & White pin stripe – pass

Black below the knee with Chinese dragon print- pass ‘but only for beach’ – ‘the wife’

The shorts decision is really based upon whether you are going out for the evening or going to the beach/schlepping around the pool etc.  These two distinct decisions are all that are needed to decide what to wear and as a result anyone packing for a holiday really only needs two (yes two) pairs of shorts.  Of course, that is because unfashionable dads have limited packing space.  The rest is made up of the 15 million different outfits for the kids, and the 20 million different outfits for the wife.  Toys, teddy bears,  dollies, shoes, kids shoes, more shoes, bucket and spade, more shoes…



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