Work wear!! Yes at the moment it is the preferred clothing of choice of your local mechanic, painter home DIY dad but just hear me out.  Overalls are inexpensive, they go over your day clothes so are good for a quick outfit change and they come in array of colours.  I’ve grown to love mine which I recently bought for painting (yeah DIY dad) but I was amazed at how handy they were to just chuck over my other clothes and in effect get changed without needing to actually get changed.  A bit like superman, but just to go out to the shops in my case.

You’re still not convinced.

Ok look, you remember the Doc Martens becoming popular and the Caterpillar boots.  And let’s not forget dungerees.  Jeans too were originally designed for the working man.  They were ugly but because they were ugly yet practical and comfortable they made it into fashion must have brands.  It is only a matter of time (maybe a long time) when young hipsters will be strutting New York and London in their overalls, accessorised with some badges, logos, patterns even.  You could get ready for the evening AND the day by putting on a chic evening outfit for the cocktail bar, but, also run around shopping on Oxford Street during the day in your overalls!!  Selected by colour so you match with your Converse.  YSL and Channel are already (hmm, I very much doubt it) reading this thinking, ‘quick we need to throw some way out pattern print on some overalls and get ahead of the market!’  It is seriously the cheapest ‘outfit’ you could ever buy.  Your average local hardware store will sell you some for £12/$15 and then it’s just a case of making them bespoke.  Add college badges, sponge print, do what you want to them to turn a boring work wear into a trendy high street practical outfit.

So you read it here first, the working overall is going to be THE fashion item of the decade.  Now go out and buy yours before the prices go up!  If I’m wrong, well, you’ve got something to wear when you get bored of the colours on your walls and decide to paint your apartment and please get in touch if you do decide to try some designs.

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