It’s that time of year when the halls are being decked, the flashy house lights are on, the kids are getting excited making a list of this year’s must have toys…  Christmas is coming. Of course most dads will be asked the inevitable question of ‘Whaddya want for Christmas?’ to which dads from around the world will reply the same.  ‘Power tools’.  Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what most dads will be asking for but unfashionable dads will tell you that you can always use more power tools for ‘that one job’ that just needs that one piece of kit.  With it, easy, without it, a total pain in the butt.

Your family will be left dazed and confused at deciding what to get you and with that they will head for the usual place in the department store that all dads can always appreciate and enjoy.  The slippers department!  But fear not unfashionable dads for this year the fashion brands have spotted this new niche for the dad who has everything and have waved their magic fashion wand over what is always a reliably inexpensive gift and created for us what we never realised we needed.  Fashion slippers!

I’m pleased to report that the fashion slipper is indeed quite different and appealing.  The Ugg backless slip on providing that early morning schlepp to the kitchen for the morning coffee without having to bend over (and groan) to put them on.  For those wanting more reliable wearing which can include the quick walk out to the car without the neighbours noticing you’re wearing slippers there is also the traditional moccasin style.


Camper have gone with more vibrant colours to match your mood or favourite sports car, so an array of bright bold primary colour choices.  The styling has moved away from the standard day in day out North American indigenous footwear style and provides something new and altogether more modern looking.


Last but not least the good ol boys and girls of Barbor have again gone with the trad moccasin but this time provided the styling of scots to make it more ‘exciting’ which let’s be honest, it isn’t. There is nothing obviously new about this slipper.  We were disappointed that perhaps it could have been made with the same wax jacket material to make it a little more different.  Then, apply some different shoe styling perhaps other than the moccasin? Yawn.


Fundamentally the key issue for us is the price.  In order to make fashion something different, something exciting the only difference between this and your usual footwear from M&S or K-mart should not be just the price of it.  This is the ultimate insult of fashion for what you should be paying for is the quality, the durability, the unique style of what you are wearing.  The design houses have managed to price these at the very high end of the market and to wear a pair you would be spending the same as a good pair of shoes.  Will us dads wear our Uggs out and about like our female counterparts?

No. For that to happen they would need to be mud, oil and water proof.  They will need to stand up to walking around in the garden, mending the car, putting the bins out and yes, driving to pick up the kids.  So, given this design specification what will be a far more sensible choice of footwear for dads?  A pair of racing shoes?  A pair of climbing shoes perhaps.  Or maybe we need to recognise what the slipper really is.  A cheap pair of footwear that you won’t worry about putting in the trash after you’ve painted the house and cut the grass in, a few hundred times.  Fashion brand boys and girls, you need to rethink this.

Our favourite was the Camper slipper which had a modern colour and style that any unfashionable dad would appreciate.  Failing that, just head to M&S or K-Mart!  Happy shopping.


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