Woven soles

On a recent trip to Barcelona, roaming the little back streets and alley ways of shops and restaurants we came across this boutique little shoe shop selling exclusively woven print shoes of every style imaginable.  Not only are they ticking the box of the eco-worrior vegan veggie loving crowd but they are (in our opinion) incredibly stylish and versatile.  Also most importantly for unfashionabledad they are extremely comfortable, like wearing your slippers out for a walk, but without getting taken home by the police because they’ve mistaken you for a demented patient from a care home facility that’s escaped.

We like to see ourselves as the fashion world’s sensible dad who occasionally has a good idea if only you’d listen to them.  This, our friends, is a good idea.  The best reason being that you can match your print style exactly to the outfit you’re wearing.  We have always seen shoes as a contrast, an end note, a full stop that must collaborate with your outfit but also somehow stand out against it to accentuate the leg and to extend the eye.  But why!?

Here’s a new thought, instead of contrast why not blend, match the print pattern of the shoe with the clothing. (Yeh bland, what everrr) No hear us out.  If you mirror the print pattern the fashion houses win win because they sell you a shoe and the clothes, and YOU don’t have to wonder around the stores looking for what will go with what you’re going to wear because you’ve already been given it as part of the whole outfit by the designer! (More profit designer, yeah you heard us)


Anyways back to these bad boys, they are made by Alpargatas and if you haven’t already heard of them then you soon will as they are THE next big brand shoe that everyone is going to be wearing in 2019 if we get our predictions right.  Just look at the variety for one thing and you can dress them up or down for the Sunday stroll or the wine bar meet up with friends.

Our particular favourite was the pattern print styles which of course look good (as a contrast) to the plain outfit, so think whites and creams or dark prime colors and then bling it out with a strong colored print design.

Summer is coming (or is just going, depending on where you live) and these will be a good addition to your wardrobe.  Just try to avoid the rain and the cocktail/beer spills as they will probably stain and get quite tired if you don’t look after them.  But hey, that’s what a good party is all about isn’t it?


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